Your gift can help struggling families when they face a crisis.

The mission of the Christian Community Service Center (CCSC) is to serve the poor, hungry, disabled, and otherwise needy while respecting their religious, ethnic or cultural differences.
CCSC was created out of faith, and founded in the belief that we are called to help all God's children heart to heart and hand in hand.

I really love CCSC's mission statement because it succinctly describes our purpose and culture.  I also love it because I've seen it in action over the years, and not just in the programs.  It is a reference point for strategic planning, managing change, and considering new ideas.

This statement was developed by a CCSC committee many years ago.  I like to share that because it debunks the myth that committee work is tiresome.  Good committees produce good work!

For those of us who have seen the mission statement a million times, look at the graphic below to see the statement more creatively.

Feeding Hunger, Fostering Hope, Furthering Success
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