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Village & Southwest News February 22, 2022

H-E-B Helps CCSC Combat Food Insecurity

Original article printed in Southwest Village News February 23, 2022

H-E-B’s commitment to helping Texans and Christian Community Service Center's mission to alleviate the effects of poverty in Houston recently dovetailed in a $20,000 H-E-B grant to CCSC’s Emergency Services program.

H-E-B $100 gift cards given out recently at CCSC’s two food pantries positively impacted more than 650 individuals, 40% of whom were children. Laura C. received a gift card and said, “I’m very thankful. This is so necessary. It is important to me and to my family. I give thanks to God, CCSC and H-E-B for this help. For people who cannot work this is a wonderful thing.”

H-E-B has a 115-year history of helping Texans and collaborating with local nonprofits.

“H-E-B and our Partners (Employees) continue to focus on making the lives of Texans better by serving our communities through philanthropy,” H-E-B Senior Director of Public Affairs Lisa Helfman said. “From gift cards, product donations and disaster relief to volunteer opportunities, H-E-B is always ready to support organizations that make a powerful difference in our city.”

CCSC staff witnessed that powerful difference in the reactions of those receiving gift cards.

“For those living on a limited income, these gift cards were an extraordinary boost,” CCSC Executive Director Michelle Shonbeck said. “I spoke to one of the fathers who received a card and he had tears in his eyes describing what this meant to him and his family.”

Gift card recipient Patrick R. said, “Anything is a blessing, a loaf of bread is a blessing. This is a savings that makes it possible for me to help my mom. I appreciate it. Thank you, H-E-B!”

“CCSC clients came to both our sites expecting bags of groceries but walked away with even more. These H-E-B gift cards provide an opportunity to purchase the items they most need in addition to our nutritious food packages,” Program Director Karen Holloman said.

“CCSC was founded to reduce the effects of poverty, and today we continue that work by focusing on emergency assistance, job training, and support for youth,” Holloman added. “H-E-B is propelling that mission by investing in CCSC. We are grateful to our friends at H-E-B.”

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