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Nine years ago, a high school student interned at CCSC for the summer, and she made a strong connection with our mission, clients, and staff. Her name is Danielle Cox, and she has since completed her masters degree and was ordained into ministry this past Saturday.

Danielle grew up at First Christian Church-Houston, and I appreciated seeing how her home church wrapped their arms around her, making her ordination personal and rich in meaning. This church was overflowing with love for her.
Near the end of the ceremony, Danielle presided at the communion table for the first time as an ordained minister. Her words resonate with me still. She said we as Christians need to make room, lots of room, for more people to join us at "the table". She was not simply talking about the communion table, but metaphorically about the church being a place of hospitality. A place that draws people in and models the teachings of Jesus. A place of love, just like First Christian Church.
I'm glad all that is now officially in her job description - she's going to be an amazing minister.
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