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I love this picture because of the little sign to the left.  How could our interactions with others be different if we saw the holy in each person?

In the last few months, I've attended several memorial services for CCSC volunteers who helped to establish and grow the organization in its early days. In nearly every service, family members would share how much their loved one enjoyed volunteering with us. The adult daughter of one said her father's time with CCSC changed his life, his perspective on the poor, and his understanding of how a life of faith is to be lived. "Because it so influenced his life," she said, "it has also influenced mine."

So whose lives do you influence, and do your actions match your values?  For most of us, narrowing the gap between values and action is a life-long journey, and in my opinion, the journey is best traveled in a faith community. If you don't have a church home, start checking out churches in your neighborhood, and then once you find the right one, jump in. Join a small group where you can get to know others as you dive deeper into the spiritual side of your life.

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