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Hire a Martha's Way Housekeeper

Are you looking for a housekeeper or maid service in the Houston area? Would you like to hire a housekeeper professionally trained in eco-friendly techniques healthy for your family? Would you like to help a new small business owner secure a brighter future for their family? Consider hiring one of our Martha’s Way vocational housekeeper training graduates who has completed 42+ hours of training according to leading industry standards.

Why Hire a Martha's Way Graduate?

Stellar Customer Service
Serving with exceptional customer service is emphasized in our program. Graduates are taught to show up on time and communicate with care.
Attention to Detail
When it comes to having your house cleaned, you want a housekeeper to pay attention to detail, and that’s exactly what our graduates are trained to do.
Thoroughly Trained
Graduates have completed 42+ hours of training according to leading industry standards and are ready to clean all areas of your home.

Our Graduates Offer the Following Services

Regular housekeeping

One-time, seasonal and special-event cleanings

Move-out cleanings


Silver polishing

And more!

How to Get Started

Step 1
Fill out housekeeper interest form
Let us know your needs so that we can match you with a graduate who may best fit your needs.
Step 2
Interview and select a graduate
Receive a call from one or more of our housekeeper graduates, whom you can interview and hire directly.
Step 3
Enjoy your freshly cleaned home
With a thoroughly clean home, you'll be able to relax and love your space.
Fill Out Housekeeper Interest Form

Top Tips for Success When Working With a Housekeeper

Show Me the Tips
  • Martha’s Way students are trained to provide estimates for housekeeping jobs after viewing the space they will clean. They are also trained to provide estimates based on the job to be completed rather than charging an hourly rate. This is standard practice in the industry.
  • Frequently, housekeepers charge a higher price for an initial cleaning. Ongoing cleanings may cost less than the initial cleaning. You can discuss initial versus ongoing prices with your housekeeper.
  • Martha’s Way graduates offer competitive rates for housekeeping services. There are many factors influencing the price of housekeeping services including the size of your home, number of occupants, presence of children and pets, quantity of furniture and other belongings, frequency of cleaning, and more.
  • The majority of Martha’s Way graduates work as independent contractors. Their training includes information about filing taxes as a self-employed individual.
  • Spanish is the first language of most of our graduates. Many are currently studying English. If you can give a limited English speaker a chance, it’s greatly appreciated. We do have graduates who are fluent in English as well.
  • Martha’s Way includes instruction on professional communication and customer service. Many graduates that are referred to interested customers are new graduates. You may be their first customer.
  • Many Martha’s Way graduates have previous experience and skills in housekeeping, cooking, childcare, caregiving and other fields.
  • When you are satisfied with your housekeeper, he or she would likely love for you to share their information with your friends and neighbors. Referrals are our graduates’ #1 marketing tool!

Hiring a Martha’s Way graduate can help launch a successful small business and change the financial future of a family. Many customers work with the same Martha’s Way graduate for years. Thank you for considering a Martha’s Way graduate!


  • "Maria and Naty have been working with us for a couple of years. They are amazingly kind and excellent cleaners. They are consistent and reliable. I appreciate the care they take with our home and with interactions with our family and our pets. If you are thinking of hiring a graduate of Martha’s Way, I encourage you to act. You will be glad you did!"
    Rev. Laura Mayo
  • "The people we have hired through Martha’s Way to do housekeeping at our house have been great. They have really known what cleaning products to use on each special material in our house; they really take their time to be thorough and have always left our house looking and smelling awesome."
    Michael Clement
  • "I hired a Martha's Way graduate. When she leaves our house at the end of her morning, the house is spotless. I have to admit that it is cleaner than I would do once each week."
    Diane Gott Konen
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