CCSC is open and serving those impacted by Hurricane Beryl and other crises.

One of my favorite quotes is from Mother Teresa, and it is: We can do no great things, only small things with great love.
We at CCSC are living that quote right now. The suffering in our community is hard and deep, and we can’t do the great things needed to quickly alleviate it. But we can do our part by fulfilling our mission, and this is where you are helping us to live this quote well.
We are feeding triple the number of people we normally help, with no sign of this slowing down. People who never envisioned themselves without wages are finding us.
We cannot purchase large quantities of food, so we depend upon the people in our churches and community to shop for us when they shop for themselves. And it’s working because many individuals are dropping off donated food at our church food drives and food pantry locations. The cumulative effect of all this individual goodness translates into a significant number of families receiving food.
A friend suggested I make a list of things people could do (other than donating to us) that could help, so here goes:
  •     Do you have a housekeeper who is no longer cleaning your home during this time? If so, please consider paying her as if she is coming to your house. Consider it paid time off, a standard benefit employers offer. By doing this, you may be alleviating hunger for someone close to you.
  •     Ditto if you’ve put off having your lawn done. Your lawn guy (or girl!) may be feeding a family. A former neighbor’s long-time lawn guy, who did not have a high school degree, put both his children through the University of Houston from his lawn service.
  •     If you don’t live near CCSC, donate food to your local food pantry. Most food pantries across the country are unable to purchase at the volume they need.
  •     Be patient with the people around you, whether it’s the grouchy person in line ahead of you at the grocery store or whether it’s someone you live with. We all need a little grace right now.
  •     Seek out spiritual nourishment for yourself. Life is always uncertain, but we amble along its surface and typically only face the randomness of it when we have to. Don’t let a crisis go to waste: let it deepen your Christian faith.

Regarding the latter, if you don’t have a church home, let me recommend the 39 churches part of CCSC. If you click here, they will pop up: Some are traditional, some progressive, some are high-church, and some are low-church. They vary in size and theology, but they are committed to CCSC’s work which means they are outwardly focused. Right now, you can check a church out by watching a live sermon on-line, join a remote bible study, or reach out for a personal prayer.
Finally, if you’re reading this, then you’re in the CCSC world. Thank you for that. We could not carry out our mission without you. You can do no great things, only small things with great love.
Michelle Shonbeck
Executive Director
Feeding Hunger, Fostering Hope, Furthering Success
P.O. Box 27924, Houston,
Texas 77227
3434 Branard St,
Houston, TX 77027
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