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Does job searching have you down?

You have spent many hours reviewing different job descriptions. You’ve tweaked
your resume for each job you’re applying and written many cover letters that you
literally are fed up at the thought of having to write another anything. You’ve
even landed interviews—you just can’t seem to actually land a job.

Job searching feels like it’s never-ending and sometimes it is enough to make you
feel defeated. Allowing defeat to consume you could become apparent through
your attitude and actions during an interview. You want to put forward your best
self. So, as tough as it might seem, here are five tips for staying positive when
your job hunt seems to be never-ending.

1. See Everything as an Opportunity

It’s easy to become tired of writing cover letters, going to interviews, and
networking. However, try to think of each activity as an opportunity that will only
make you a better job candidate. I always advise my clients that any interview is
better than having no interview. If you are interviewing for a job you don’t think
you really want or don’t think you will get, think of the interview as a chance to
network and work on your interviewing skills. An opportunity to interview is an
opportunity to sharpen your interpersonal skills. Additionally, think of each cover
letter as the chance to sharpen your writing and editing abilities. Simply thinking
of this process a series of opportunities rather than chores will help sustain a
positive mindset.

2. Join a Job Search Club or Employment Support Group

Now is not the time to be in isolation. Joining a group of job seekers will provide
you with support. A job seekers' group can help you stay on top of your own job
search and may even provide you with job related resources and job leads. Look
to churches, local workforce centers, your local library and college career centers
for possible employment seeker-support groups.

3. Celebrate Small Victories

It is easy to focus on the negative during a job search, such as the interview you
didn’t land or the job you didn’t get. Instead, focus on even the smallest wins. Be
proud of yourself for getting an interview. Celebrating the small wins will help
you focus on the positive.

4. Focus on the Positives and Make a List of Your Achievements

If you’re experiencing some job search frustration or feeling a bit down about
your current situation, always remind yourself of the things you’ve learned and
accomplished in your career. This will give you a boost of confidence. When job
searching, it is useful to make a list of your best qualities, skills, and
accomplishments. Start putting together a list of all your major achievements,
from specific problems you solved at work and promotions or pay raises you
received to major projects you assisted with. As an added bonus, having all your
professional achievements lined up can also make it easier to include your most
relevant work experience on your resume and discuss your career highlights in
job interviews.

5. Visualize Success

Once you have put the effort into a resume and have practiced interviewing, have
confidence that your work will lead to success. When you think of landing that
job, it’s natural to think of what you don’t have and still need. Instead of allowing
these thoughts to become so big in your mind that inhibit you from moving
forward, visualize yourself getting the job of your dreams. Here are two common
visualization techniques:

Picture yourself in the job. How does it feel to be employed doing the work
you love? When I started out job searching for my next job after being with my
employer for over six years, I saw myself in the executive role that I now have. I
spent six years preparing and learning for it. When it happened, it wasn’t a bit
surprising. It didn’t come as loud noise. It just happened. Just like that. See
yourself how you want to go to work every day.

Create a vision board. Vision boards have been a powerful tool in my life in
accomplishing personal and professional goals. Every year, I host an annual
Vision Board party in my home and I cannot begin to write the many testimonials
to creating a vision board that attendees' have shared with me. To create a vision
board all you need is a poster board, a piece of paper, the back of a cardboard
box, or anything you have. You could even use a vision book (Available at
Walmart in the Art section for dirt cheap). On your vision board or inside the
book, put pictures that illustrate what you desire in your life. Be intentional and
dream BIG.

Having the right tools for a job search and preparation will eventually lead to
your success of landing the right employment opportunity. However, timing is
out of your control. What's in your control is a resume that effectively
communicates your value to an employer, networking and sharing your goals,
and following up after an interview. These are things you can do something
about. Additionally, give every opportunity to network and interview your best
and remain confident that the right opportunity will come in due time.

Written By: Lynn George, M.Ed, PHR, CMCS, CCTC
CCSC Director of Programs-Employment

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