CCSC is open and serving those impacted by Hurricane Beryl and other crises.

People You've Helped, Thank You!

CCSC’s two Emergency Services sites help with food and financial assistance when our neighbors face a crisis. Each day is different, and every person in need is unique. Here are a few snapshots of some Emergency Services visitors that you and CCSC recently helped.

· A 97-year-old retired teacher victimized by bank fraud. Although she filed a claim and hopes to recover her money, the process is lengthy, and she did not have enough savings to cover her rent. The Emergency Services team advocated with her apartment manager who waived late fees and accepted our $599 payment to keep her in her home. 

· A young family of five facing health issues. The husband is employed but the wife faces chronic medical problems, and one of their three children has special needs. The wife accesses a low-cost clinic but cannot afford her prescription medications. CCSC gave her resource information on prescription assistance programs and provided groceries to help the family stretch their dollars. 

· A single mom with two young children who exemplifies how underemployed many workers are today. While she works many hours as a Lyft and DoorDash driver, her $1,100 per month earnings place her family far below the poverty line. We were glad to be a food safety net for Sierra and her children and to connect her to CCSC's Workforce Development team so she can move toward a more self-reliant income. 

The demand for CCSC services remains high and we need your help to serve more people in need. Give today and help even more families facing hardship:

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