Your gift can help struggling families when they face a crisis.

It’s tough right now. People are coming to CCSC for food and help in finding a job, and their lives are upended. There is much suffering and human need. 
Yet there is also much goodness in the community. The CCSC staff and volunteers are serving sacrificially, fueled by the generous donors who are helping us to feed families, keep them in their homes, and coach them through a job search. Many donors are writing kind, personal notes on their checks or on-line giving forms. It’s often a please help someone who is hungry, or thank you for staying open to help people or a simple thank you. 
There are a few notes that have stood out:
I received a stimulus check from the federal government under the CARES Act, but I’m not the person these funds were intended to benefit. Please use this money to provide food or rental assistance for people who have suffered economically as result of the coronavirus.
Then there is this one from a former client: Thank you for your community outreach and support. Your wonderful community helped us after the flood. We are grateful.
And finally this one: With all the upset due to COVID-19, there is much to be grateful for as we have been well. We seniors mostly stay home, away from crowds, and wear masks and gloves if we have to go out. We are greatly blessed and our immediate needs have been met. So when we received our stimulus check, we both agreed we did not need it….When we see on TV all the people standing in line for food and other assistance, we cannot forget how much CCSC is doing throughout our own community in the Houston area. You are much closer to those in desperate need, especially at the food pantries. We know you will put our small contribution to work blessing others. We pray that all employees and volunteers at CCSC will stay well. We also pray for early success with vaccines and treatment that might put an end to the number of people in desperate need. May God bless you with His presence.
This blog is a thank you for however you are supporting CCSC, whether it is by time, prayer or gifts. Thanks especially to those who send us notes filled with love. We’re sending that love right back to you.
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